• “I have worked with David for over a decade now on First Nations, corporate and real estate files. It has been a great working relationship and one that has turned into a friendship as well. If you want a genuine, trustful and experienced lawyer, I recommend David to you.”

    Stefan Moores, President
    The Castlemain Group

  • “Over the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of referring a number of my clients to David for his legal services. All have been absolutely delighted with David’s legal services, his kindness and his ability to explain to them the issues in terms which they understand.”

    Paul Brun
    Charted Professional Accountant

  • “We highly appreciate all the great legal advice Warren has provided us on real estate matters over many years.”

    Neil Gregory-Eaves, Executive Director
    STEMCELL Technologies

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with David in a number of capacities and in each of our exchanges I have found him to be responsive, dependable and highly engaged. David has been a dependable person for me on the ULI BC Board and he is someone I have enjoyed working with in private practice on complicated real estate transactions.”

    Jennifer Podmore, Past Chair
    ULI British Columbia

  • “I have worked with David on a number of commercial real estate transactions over the past several years. I find David quickly understands the issues that are important to me and helps me move the transaction forward by identifying potential issues and negotiating commercially viable solutions. He is a lawyer I would strongly recommend to friends and colleagues.”

    Bob Cabral, President
    Fiore Properties Inc.

  • “I have known Livia for over 20 years. Whether you are a childhood friend or someone she has only just met, you can trust that Livia is loyal, hardworking and dependable. Professionally, she has a capacity to undertake and manage a diverse portfolio which speaks to her ability to tackle projects of varying scale and complexity. Personally, she has always been an individual with great empathy, which I believe sets her apart in the industry.”

    Mark Sin, Founding Partner/Architect
    ETTA Architecture Inc.

  • “I have worked with David for approximately twenty years with respect to various commercial real estate transactions and property management matters. He has also assisted me and members of my family with various personal legal matters. He is a lawyer I have repeatedly recommend to colleagues and friends for real estate and commercial lending matters.”

    Monika Hildebrand
    Asset Manager

  • “I have had to opportunity to work with many individuals within the real estate industry, many of whom volunteer their time with various organizations. The best colleagues I have had in these roles have the same dedication to their volunteer work as they do their professional careers. David stands out as one of these leaders who tackles his professional and volunteer roles with the same drive, dedication, and passion. David is results driven and fully committed to not just his own success, but the success of his colleagues and the organization his is involved with.”

    Duncan Wlodarczak
    Urban Land Institute of BC Vice-Chair

  • “Even as a veteran of the real estate industry, I still seek out David’s insight and perspective on important business decisions. He is someone who has earned my trust and I appreciate the legal perspective and experience he brings to the table.”

    Ross Moore, Senior Vice President

  • “I originally met David working on the board of a not-for-profit organization and that positive experience led me to recommend him to a number of my good clients. Similar to my experience, my clients have enjoyed having David as a member of their project team.”

    Justen Harcourt, Senior Consultant
    Colliers International

  • “I have worked with David with respect to the negotiation and resolution of legal issues related to telecommunication sites throughout British Columbia … David proved to be helpful to me in the negotiation of positive outcomes for the company and in providing me with a range of options to resolve challenging legal issues.”

    Darren Hird, SBA Canada
    Territory Director West

  • “I have worked with David on a number of residential conveyances. His loyalty and integrity have impressed me in all of my dealings with him.”

    Peter Ebner, Realtor
    Royal LePage Sussex – West Vancouver

  • “The Nanwakolas Group of Companies have been extremely pleased the exceptional legal services and professional advice provided by Warren.  He has proven himself repeatedly to be reliable, prompt, responsive and professional in the provision of his services.”

    Merv Child, Executive Director
    The Nanwakolas Group of Companies

  • “I volunteered at ULI BC with David when he was a board member and also when he was the Chair before the 2014 ULI Spring Meeting in Vancouver. Those were hectic and stressful times but I appreciated David’s ability to be an effective team player who helped ULI BC deliver a highly successful real estate conference to 3,200 attendees from around the world.”

    Carla Guerrera, Principal
    Purpose Driven

  • “David and I are veterans of some very tough and stressful projects. His ability to distill the complexities of real estate law into simple business terms has served me well. For us to still be friends is a reflection of my opinion of him as a lawyer and, more importantly, how he conducts himself in difficult circumstances.”

    Dave Wallace, Chief Operating Officer
    The Regional Group of Companies Inc.

  • “David has provided us with strategic and timely advice on a number of corporate matters and loan transactions. He is the go-to lawyer for us.”

    Jana Wong, Principal
    ACE Vancouver Holdings Ltd.

  • “I have worked with David for over a decade. I have referred a number of key clients to him and he is someone I consult with on difficult lease issues. He is my personal lawyer for corporate matters and has also assisted my parents with estate planning matters.”

    Marco DiPaolo, Executive Vice President
    Colliers International

  • “I have known David for in excess of 20 years, and had the privilege of working with him on various real property transactions. Whether working on a complicated land assembly or a residential conveyance, David’s attention to detail never waivers. David is a lawyer not only with a high degree of integrity and astute business acumen, he possesses the ability to easily explain complicated legal issues. I would never hesitate to recommend David to friends, family or colleagues.”

    Cynthia Nerland


Stirling LLP is a business law firm in Vancouver, British Columbia that focuses on:

Commercial real estate, commercial lending, estate planning, natural resources, residential conveyances and other business law matters.

We are driven to provide our clients with valued legal advice with the aim of becoming a trusted advisor who they consult whenever making a legal decision important to them, their business and/or their family.

Put another way, and dropping all the legal marketing buzzwords, we:

(1) close the deal;
(2) make it happen; or
(3) deal with it.

Business Hours:    Whenever Needed.
Office Hours:     Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:30 pm. Evenings and weekends by appointment.


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