We are a little more entrepreneurial than your standard law firm when it comes to billing arrangements.

Unlike a number of firms, we typically do not charge clients for photocopies, printing documents, scanning documents, faxing documents, long distance telephone calls, postage, breathing oxygen in our office, etc. We do charge clients for major disbursements, such as incorporation fees charged by the Registrar of Companies, Land Title Office registration fees, court filing fees and other significant expenses that we incur on your behalf.

We are open to discuss a range of different billing arrangements with you and to tailor the arrangement to your specific project and the scope of work involved.

For new clients we are prepared to meet with them in person at our offices or to discuss their file over the telephone for thirty minutes free of charge.

Flexible Billing Arrangements

For new clients we also offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the first account we send to you, we will let you write the account down to whatever you consider to be a fair amount for the services performed and we will settle the account for that amount. If we are not a good working fit, better for both of us to make that determination early on in our working relationship.

For transactional work, we are prepared to enter into arrangements where our standard fees are discounted if you are unsuccessful in your attempt to conclude the deal but a premium is earned if you complete the transaction. In short, we are prepared to accept some of your transaction risk.

When acting for real estate developers, in some instances, we are prepared to accept partial payment of our fees in the form of a credit towards the purchase of a unit in the development.

Fixed Price Billing Arrangements

For some projects, our clients prefer we report to them at regular intervals and not charge more than a set amount without their prior approval. For files where there are several variables or issues to be considered, this keeps the client engaged in the file, focuses the client on where best to invest its legal budget and avoids surprises as to the amount of the legal bill.

For a number of services, we can provide a fixed fee quote (including disbursements). Some legal services that we provide fixed quotes for are the following:

  • acting for a purchaser in a simple residential conveyance with a first mortgage from an institutional lender: $1,350;
  • acting for a Canadian resident vendor in a residential sale with one mortgage to be discharged: $900;
  • incorporation of a British Columbia company: $1,250;
  • services to act as registered and records office for a British Columbia company: $325 (per year); and
  • standard mirror wills for a married couple and enduring power of attorneys: $1,250.

If you would like to propose some other billing arrangement, give us your best pitch.


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