Stirling LLP’s Billing Practices

Jan 17, 2017

Stirling LLP’s Billing Practices


We are a little more entrepreneurial than your standard law firm when it comes to billing arrangements.

Unlike a number of firms, we typically do not charge clients for photocopies, printing documents, scanning documents, faxing documents, long distance telephone calls, postage, breathing oxygen in our office, etc. We do charge clients for major disbursements, such as incorporation fees charged by the Registrar of Companies, Land Title Office registration fees, court filing fees and other significant expenses that we incur on your behalf.

We are open to discuss a range of different billing arrangements with you and to tailor the arrangement to your specific project and the scope of work involved.

For new clients we are prepared to meet with them in person at our offices or to discuss their file over the telephone for thirty minutes free of charge.

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